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Dear residents,

Our city is changing and much of it is happening right here in Ward 3. As councilor, I will be committed to ensuring that all of our residents have the representation they deserve as our city continues to grow.

Together our campaign will put a voice to:

  • Transparency and accessibility of local government

  • Smart development with the future of our families in mind

  • Revitalization of downtown, supporting our small businesses

  • Preservation of green space and climate resiliency projects

  • Welcome public arts and culture initiatives

  • Establish direct lines of communication for all city resources

As councilor, your voice is most important. Please reach out with ideas, questions or concerns you have about issues in Ward 3 and lets get to work, together!

Missed the speeches by local candidates on WMCT-TV?


See our speech transcribed below: 

Fellow residents of Marlborough, my name is Robert Preciado, and it is an honor to stand before you today as a proud member of this community. I have had the privilege of calling Marlborough my home for the past six years, and during this time, I have grown to love and cherish this city. Marlborough is a vibrant city, rich with diverse cultures and backgrounds; and I am proud that our city embraces this diversity, and draws strength from it.

Marlborough has allowed me the opportunity to build community through volunteer efforts; such as assisting in distributing food at the Marlborough food pantry to residents in need. As a member of One Marlborough, I have collaborated with my neighbors to create positive community gatherings and events. With Marlborough Makers I have run several community art activities around the city.

Continuing my commitment to this community, I am running to be your next ward 3 councilor, and I am here to ask for your support. I hope to share my vision as a candidate who is passionate about supporting a thriving local economy, as well as protecting our environment.

Previously, I worked as a mechanical engineer where I led a team traveling the country doing extensive field work in remote and urban areas. Currently, I work locally as a machinist serving some of the most innovative and newly emerging industries in Massachusetts. Through these experiences, I have come to understand the critical role that industry plays in our community. I also recognize the responsibility we bear to protect our environment. We must strike a balance between growth and sustainability. As we grow, we must do so with foresight, taking into account our current infrastructure, amenities, and adequate parking. This isn't just about progress; it's about smart and responsible progress.

As your representative, I will champion initiatives that promote both a cleaner environment and working industry to ensure our beautiful city remains a thriving place for generations to come. 

As Councilor I will strive to increase civic engagement across various age groups and backgrounds, from our senior homes to our public schools. I will work to make city government more transparent and accessible to all residents. By inviting everyone to work together as a team, we can build stronger bridges that unite us all for a brighter future.

As a husband and new father, I understand the importance of family. I’ve learned firsthand the joys and challenges that come with these roles. Our families are the backbone of Marlborough, and I am committed to creating a place where every family can thrive.  With your support, we can build a brighter tomorrow for our city and for future generations. Thank you, gracias, obrigado.

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